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Ballet Dancing and Becoming a Ballet Teacher

Becoming a ballet teacher is not one of those things that you decide when you are in matric at career day. Being a ballet teacher is not something that you can become without years of ballet training prior to the event. Ballet dancing is a specialised art form that requires years of training the body and disciplining the mind, and it is not an art form that you can perfect overnight.

Ballet Dancing and the Positions of the Arms (Port De Bras)

In ballet dancing the carriage of the arms is called Port de Bras. Beautiful arm lines in ballet are just as important as turnout, as the look of ballet dancing can be totally ruined by misplaced or ugly arms.

Russian Ballet Dancing and the Twentieth Century

They say that six magnificent ballerina’s have marked the progress of Russian Ballet Dancing during the twentieth century. Each of the ballerinas have in some way lay the ground work for the further development of the art of ballet dancing. Each of these dancers has in her own way expressed her own personality, rather than conforming to a narrow technical professional sphere.

Ballet Dancing – How to Do Battements Tendus and Battements Glisees

Battements Tendus and Battements Glisees are two exercises at the bar that are normally part of every ballet dancing class. These two exercises normally follow the plies at the barre and these two exercises help with the swift footwork for the fast allegro exercises which follow later on in the centre. You will normally work one leg at a time at the bar, and then turn around and work the other side. By working in this way at the barre, you mind can concentrate fully on the task at hand and train the body for perfect technique.

Ballet Dancing and Perfecting Your Plies

Plies are one of the most important exercises that you will do in your ballet dancing classes. Plie is a French word which means to bend. Plies are normally done at the beginning of the ballet class at the barre and they in turn prepare the body for the work to come, as well as increase your mobility and turn out.

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