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Beginning Ballet Dance Lessons in the Bay Area

What little girl doesn’t want to don pink tights and a tutu? The graceful world of ballet is one that easily captures the imagination of young girls, especially when they can actualize this dream with dance lessons. The Bay Area has numerous ballet academies that accept new ballet students, some as young as age two! After all, girls who begin training at a young age will have an easier time learning the complex techniques of the art as she grows older. Help your daughter discover the fascinating world of ballet with classes at these schools.

Rave Sticks and Glowsticking

A new form of dancing called glowsticking is sweeping the nation. All you need is some rave sticks, maybe some shoelaces, and a willingness to learn hot new steps.

Becoming Successful With Your Dance Class

Not everybody has the God-given talent of dancing. However, anybody can learn it by enrolling in a dance class. After all, dancing can be a great way of expressing one’s feelings and emotions through body movements.

Muscle Stretching Exercises – Careful With The Splits

Every dance student, cheer leader and other dancers would like to do the splits. Those split grands jetes and side split cheer leader leaps are stunning. Men in ballet also, if they were not born to do it, aspire to become more flexible and do split leaps. There is more to it than stretching muscles, struggling to do more and stand the pain. If you know how to effect myofascial release, and perform resistance stretching from the top of the body down ward, you will be able to get a lot more from your muscle stretching exercises.

Muscle Stretching Exercises – How Much, When, and How Strong?

Ballet dancers, cheer leaders, ballroom dancers, and those in contemporary dance classes all work with muscle stretching exercises. This naturally involves tension release including myofascia, and nerve paths which can hold their own tension. Not stuff everyone just knows about. But it is easy to learn. Stretches that can be done at the dance studio, at the office space, and in your own home, with expert guidance, are now available to all.

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