Rufus and Robin get the first Golden Ticket of the series! | Dancing on Ice 2021

Somebody is about to get their competition off to a sensational start. Our judges will each cast a vote in the case of a tie tonight’s head judge. Chris will make the final decision. So actually, i’m coming to you.

First, based on tonight’s. Performances who do you think has earned the golden ticket uh the golden ticket. For me, wasn’t just about the greatest skater it was about who brought a little something that i’d, want to see, go straight through to musicals week, and for me that was room for some robin okay, john.

Let’s, come to you who do? You think should get the golden ticket tonight just because it was solely a lot of fun and it showed a lot of personality. I am going for rufus and robin robin again, because i like the improvement and want to see more of it, i’m, also going for rufus.

So there’s. Your results, congratulations to ruthless and robin uh. You’ve got our first ever golden ticket. Would you uh, would you like to come over here and get it and let’s, hear it for all of tonight’s, couples the rest of you off you go! Thank you guys.

Oh thanks, so chris would have gone for you as well, so that is a clean sweep to send you through to musical week right, okay, so uh. If the the envelope for me is sanitized, the ticket is perfectly clean for you on the inside.

There you go. Congratulations, although i can’t tell whether you’re, really happy with that or not. I’ve spent most of this year, not being terribly emotionally stable, because the world stopped making sense, and this does not make more sense of it.

Thank you. I don’t know what is happening. Listen well done, yeah! No, i mean, like i’ll, keep trying. Thank you very much. Well, you were you were so brilliant tonight and it was so innovative and we absolutely loved it.

I love this reaction and this is this extraordinary. You are straight through to musical week. So have you thought about what you might do for your musical week? Uh well robin and i have talked about what we might do, and essentially all we want to do every week is something that nobody else would want to do and just keep it as mad.

As possible, because genuinely i thought i’d – be in the competition like a week, and i thought if i can blow myself up at least i’ll, get some youtube. Did you? Did you ever think that you would be emotional? Maybe even crying a little bit holding a golden ticket standing on skates.

We we live in a world where people we elect don’t want to feed hungry children. This is the least mad thing that has happened to me in a long time. [ Music, ]

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