Sarah Baetge “Beauty and the Beast” by Stevie Nicks, 2021-22 Artistic Program

Learning Dancing Made Easy – Find Breakdancing Lessons Online

What would you do if someone tells you that they know how to find the right on-line program on breakdancing lessons? What would you do if they say that anyone can follow this on-line program and learn how to breakdancing quickly and easily at your own home?

Salsa Dance Moves – A Beginner’s Guide to a Sexy Summer

Salsa is the perfect dance for the sultry summer months ahead. Learn the basic salsa dance moves so you can take part in this sexy Latin dance!

How to Find a Dance Partner

Many people have the desire to learn to dance but then stop themselves because they do not have a partner. Others wish to attend dances for a social activity and then decide otherwise because they claim there are not enough dance partners. Here are five ways you can make yourself a more popular dancer and attract one or more dance partners.

Are Bunions in Dancers Avoidable?

One of the things I have been most concerned about as a ballet dancer are bunions. It seems like so many dancers, across disciplines, get bunions and suffer greatly from them. Last year at my dance studio our best dancer had bunion surgery and she was only a senior in high school.

Lead ‘ContraSwing’ Versions of Your Favorite Moves and Increase Your Versatility As a Dancer!

We swing dancers habitually perform our favorite moves the same way every time because the repetition has conditioned our reflexes; it’s a phenomenon called ‘muscle memory.’ If we would step outside of our comfort zones occasionally and lead our partners into the ContraSwing versions of these familiar moves, where we either lead them down the slot on our opposite side or rotate them around in the opposite direction, then we can virtually double the number of moves in our arsenal and become more versatile dancers.

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