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Ballet Bar – A Necessity?

Ever dreamed of becoming one of the famous ballet dancers? Then, you have to practice and do training. To do so, you will need a ballet bar. What is a ballet bar?

Dance – The Answer to the “Core” Question

Core training has been around long before the word “fitness” arrived at its current popularity. And its predecessor is known as Dance. Dancers have long known the built in benefits of not only core training, but as an additional advantage, aerobic, plyometric, flexibility and strength exercises.

Take the Best Time Out With Dance Lessons For Adults

Which style of dancing fits you best? There are a lot of different styles of dancing so which one should you choose? For example, there is the cha cha cha, ballroom dancing and salsa dancing. You can learn about these styles of dancing today at a dance studio near you!

Why You Have to Do Barre Work in Your Ballet Dancing Class

Ballet class normally begins at the bar, and so does ballet dancing technique. Barre work develops balance, strength, speed, flexibility, alignment, turnout, extension, articulation and coordination that ballet dancing demands. The barre is the place in ballet class where you learn and maintain your skills and is the sustenance of all ballet technique.

Dr Padma Subramaniam – Living Legend

When we think of “dance”, what comes to our mind? A beautiful woman, adorned with intricate jewelry and make up, swaying gracefully to the mesmerizing tunes in the background. She wants to say something, express something. Something deep within herself, that she is trying to bring out and flaunt to the rest of the world. When we think in “names”, a famous, world class dancer comes to our mind – Padma Subrahmanyam.

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