Seoyeon Ji (KOR) Women Short Program | Courchevel 2 – 2021

Dance Sneakers

Learn all you desire to know about dance sneakers. Having been solo and partner dancing 5-7 days a week for the last 3 years and having attended many festivals in which I dance 12 hours a day I am here to share what I have learned about the best dance sneakers being used in various dance scenes.

A Cozy Little Chat About Pointe Shoes With a Nice Cup of Tea

I hear a lot from students whose local ballet store does not stock more than a couple of brands, Their pointe shoes feel terrible. So who’s in control – your pointe shoe or foot muscles? If you are one of these troubled pointe shoe ballet dancers, get a nice cup of tea or a Starbucks latte if you prefer, and we’ll have a cosy little chat about pointe shoes.

Don’t Line Dance to Snoop Dogg

In bars all across the south, disc jockeys have specific songs for line dancing. But in some select bars, every song is a line-dancing song. If you have been to one of these bars, you know what I mean.

How Dance Choreographers Become Famous

A look at the phenomenon of choreographers becoming famous. A look into why and how it happens.

Can You Learn to Dance in Dance Classes?

Is it possible to learn to dance? Can dance classes help someone who has no ability to dance?

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