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Salsa DVD For Beginners – Top 3 Dangerous Myths About Salsa

Is salsa dancing dangerous? Am I going to be able to still live a physically normal healthy life after I take salsa dancing? Is Salsa Dancing dangerous for my relationship? These are all great questions that are hardly ever answered but if you keep reading you’ll find out all of the juicy answers…

Salsa Crazy DVD – Is It A Fake Or A 5 Star Product?

How do you really know if something is a scam or not? Are there warning signs that will pop out on the site to let me know I am being scammed? What are the right questions to ask to know I’m being scammed? Simple all you have to do is read my short article and as long as you follow my simple steps you wont have to worry about a thing!

Learn Your Basic Step Footwork More Quickly By Breaking Through The ‘Conscious Competence’ Barrier!

When a dance instructor teaches his introductory Imperial Swing class, he has one hour to present the different syllabus ‘moves’ which are specified for that lesson. Since new students cannot perform any of these elementary moves until they first learn their basic step, instructors in St. Louis are now beginning to use a quick and effective technique that teaches this six-count, triple step footwork in the most uncomplicated way possible…by enabling students to relate the first six steps of their eight step footwork to “skipping” forward and back; the last two steps are their in-place rock-step. This innovative teaching technique enables new students to execute their basic step footwork correctly in a more spontaneous, less hesitant manner. As important as it is for dancers to be able to perform their basic step, they also need to understand that although they take 8 steps (make separate 8 “weight changes”) in their triple step footwork, they have only three “weight values” while executing their footwork. This article helps the reader to appreciate the importance of his center of gravity and weight shifts, and to understand how learning these traditional concepts will ultimately contribute to his becoming a much smoother, confident dancer.

Learn to Dance – Modern Jive – The Beginners Survival Guide

So, you fancy learning to dance, you’ve heard of this thing called Modern Jive and it sounds like fun. The problem is that you have all of these lame excuses for not going. Well, whatever excuse you can come up with the chance of it being original is almost nil so it’s time to put your best foot forward (even if they are both left) and go try it.

The Most Important Tip for a Salsa Beginner

When first learning Salsa, it’s easy to make a few assumptions about learning this wonderful dance. Being a bit more experienced, I now wish my teacher or someone else had pulled me aside and said, “This is the most important tip for a Salsa beginner.

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