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Ballroom Dancing Studio for Salsa and Latin Dancing

Find the right ballroom dancing studio to get the most out of your salsa and latin dance lessons. This style of dance is fun and learning it correctly will enhance your enjoyment.

Ballroom Dancing – Discover the Various Types of Ballroom Dance Music

Knowing the various ballroom dancing types of music can help you choose the one you enjoy most. Try the different styles… and enjoy!

The Best Ways to Find a Great Salsa Class

When I first decided that I was interested in taking a salsa class, I found there were actually many different options for me. I wish that someone had given me some instruction about where to go to get my dance instruction! This article should help you find a salsa class in your area that you’d love to attend.

How to Find the Right Dance Class For Your Personality

Are you a new or former dancer interested in finding a new dance class? Not sure where to start? Here are two important questions to ask yourself while you shop around for the dance class that is the best fit for your personality.

Become a Better Dancer With Yoga

Ironically, decades after ending my career as a professional ballet dancer, I am more aware of my body than ever. It sounds impossible to believe, doesn’t it? I only wish I had discovered yoga earlier, before all those years I was a dancer with no real relationship with my body because I didn’t know how to live in it fully. By its very nature, dance forces dancers to stay focused, but it’s too easy to keep the focus narrowed to a pinpoint, and miss out on other important elements of life. But dancers are human first, and it serves us to explore other avenues that may seem completely unrelated to dance, but aid in our evolution as both dancers and people.

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