Sonny Jay and Angela skate to A Town Called Malice | Dancing on Ice 2021

Choosing a Pole Dancing Pole

Pole dancing poles are sold in a bewildering variety of styles but this information explains the key differences between dance poles. This article will help you buy a pole dancing pole. Different dancers will have their own preferences but the principles of selection are the same for all.

Dance to Win in Competition

Are you a Competitive person who loves to Dance? If so, then you must look into the field of Competitive Dancing for Excitement, Exercise, Fun and the Emotional satisfaction that results from this activity.

The Latin Influence on Ballroom Dance Steps and Styles

While Ballroom Dance has a mixed and long history, it definitely has a strong Latin influence. The Rumba, Tango, Salsa and Cha-Cha are probably the most popular styles which have a major Latin background. The sometimes flamboyant and always sexy costumes of many dance couples in professional competitions and even in regular social gatherings almost always have a south of the border flavor.

Pole Dancing Shoes – Do You Need Them to Participate in Pole Dancing Lessons?

Pole dancing shoes are they suitable for pole dancing lessons, are they a requisite for taking part in pole lessons and what are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing them when taking part in pole fitness. We discuss these questions.

Social Factors

Imagine getting yourself ready to go out. There is a west coast swing (WCS) social and you are ready to groove. However, you get there and you hardly dance. There is something about the night that is not quite right.

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