Sophia Natalie DAYAN ( ARG) Short Program | Courchevel 1 2021

Locking – The Big Step Up

All about taking your locking to the next level. What becomes really important at this level and what you can do about it.

A Dancer Needs Confidence

It is often difficult to see and measure your own progress. Whether it is dancing or in another area of your life, you are often so focused on the learning process, that you do not see the progress.

Learning to Dance – Locking

Important things you need to know when learning locking. How important personal characteristics and styling are to your success.

Why You Have to Prepare Your Body Before Your Ballet Dancing Class

Most classical ballet dancers know that although their ballet dancing class progresses slowly so that body is well warmed up before hitting the centre work, they will get a lot more out of their class if they arrive ten minutes early to warm up and stretch. Ballet requires long, lean and strong muscles to facilitate ballet technique.

Are You in Search of Jazz Dance Shoes?

There are various types of shoes that a dancer needs. However you will certainly need jazz dance shoes specially designed for that purpose. Interestingly, many people refuse to use the right type of shoe out of sheer ignorance or for any other reason best known to them.

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