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Choosing the Right Ballet Bar For Your Dancing Exercises

Are you into ballet dancing and you would like to enhance your skills which have to do with your regular exercises when dancing? Then you probably would be needing a ballet bar that can help you keep up with the necessary exercises needed for you to perform your routines properly.

Hip Hop Lessons – Learning the Chest Pop Technique

A chest pop is a basic move using rib isolation’s (isolating the pectoral muscles in your chest). The biggest problem most beginner hip hop artists/dancers have with chest pops is rolling the shoulders or doing chest “expansions” (this is when the artist or dancer inhales air to expand their chest or use their back bone to push their chest out.) This improper technique of the chest pop can cause back pain

How to Choose a Dance Studio

Most experts agree that Classical Ballet is the most effective method of training a dancer. Broadway auditions start with a ballet class. The best dancers you see on “So You Think You Can Dance” and other TV shows trained in ballet. Other styles like jazz and tap are based on ballet, so you have to learn your A-B-C’s before you can go further. Even if you prefer or aspire to other dance forms, good ballet training will help you to be the best.

Use the Ballet Barre to Improve Your Balance and Strengthen Your Ballet Technique

Be in pointe shoes as much as you can. Once you’ve gone beyond beginning pointe work, wearing the shoes for barre work is a good habit.

How to Salsa Dance – Getting the Most Out of Your Beginner Salsa Classes

Learning how to salsa dance is easy, even if you think of yourself as having two left feet. All you need to have is a can do attitude, a little persistence and some time to practice. Combining these attributes with good salsa dance instruction you will have a recipe for salsa dancing know how.

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