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Ballet – Classical Dance and High Fashion

The earliest roots of ballet can be traced back to Italy in the late 1400s. However, it wasn’t until much later in France under the reign of Louis XIV between 1643 and 1715 when it developed into the form we know today. Under his reign, the dance became known for its power and influence and this article looks at how the art has come to play a significant influence in contemporary fashion.

Ballet Terms – Three Tips to Accelerate Your Class From Amateur to Pro

Through years of teaching dance at various studios across the country, I’ve noticed several not-so-good, but oh-so-common deficiencies in ballet training. Sometimes, they are things that are actually taught wrong, and sometimes, they are things that would elevate the training so much further if the teacher would just take a few minutes in each class to add this into the repertoire. Here are three simple, but major tips that will elevate our ballet classes from amateur to professional.

What To Wear for Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Classes Grades 1 – 2

The RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) is one of the world’s leading and most prestigious training and education establishments for dance. Many dancers study ballet under the regulations set out by the RAD which requires a very specific uniform. This article will help you understand what uniform you will need for ballet classes Grades 1 – 2.

How Dancing For Fitness May Benefit You

Many people these days are quickly learning that there are far more entertaining ways to get in shape versus doing it through more traditional and often boring methods. Due to this, many individuals are starting to turn towards dance options, which can be an excellent way to have fun and to get in shape for a number of different people.

Different People Know How To Salsa Dance Well

Salsa is a type of dance with origins on the island of Cuba. Born out of the Cuban son movement of the 1920’s, this rich dance has elements of mambo, danzon and guaguanco. Over the years, it changed more and more as varied people put their stamp on it when they learned how to salsa dance.

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