Tatjana BUNINA / Ivan KUZNETSOV ( EST) Ice Dance Free Dance | Courchevel 1 – 2021

“So You Wish You Could Dance” – Or Better Still – “So You Wish Your Partner Could Dance”

Dancing can be a great way for couples to add fun, romance and excitement to their lives. However, convincing your reluctant partner to dance may require some fancy footwork.

Celebrity Dance Videos – Great Opportunity to Learn Dance From a Celebrity Dancer

This article will give you an overall idea about dance. Don’t forget to check out the website which I mentioned at the bottom of the article which gives you lots of information and dance videos to learn dance from a celebrity dancer.

How to Dance DVD – You Can Learn at Home

Dance is a beautiful art which can be taught and self-learned easily. You can become a dancer too without going to a dancing studio by following a how to dance DVD. Many busy people have taken to this art not only for fun but to get a good workout.

A Ballroom Dancing Holiday Could Be Your Fast Track to Being King of the Dance Floor

Ballroom dancing has gained considerable popularity in recent years. This has been partly due to popular television programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing.

Each Ballet Barre Exercise Gets You Closer to Dancing in Pointe Shoes

In the first couple of years dancing ballet, every little girl dreams of dancing in pointe shoes. Those students who have a good ability to concentrate have a head start at getting into pointe shoes with a better dance technique. The better the foot muscles are trained, the better the whole leg functions. And the better your first pair of pointe shoes will feel.

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