Tatjana BUNINA / Ivan KUZNETSOV (EST) Ice Dance Rhythm Dance | Courchevel 1 – 2021

Learn Ballet Moves – Some Basic Moves That You Will Learn in Ballet

Ballet is indeed a great dance to watch and learn. If you are interested in learning ballet, you may want to find out some basic moves that you can learn in ballet.

The Perfect Pointe – The Secrets to Dancing En Pointe

For ballerinas, the perfect pointe is an ultimate goal and even for some who loves ballet, dancing en pointe can be a dream they want to achieve. Here are some of the secrets to achieving your goal of getting that perfect pointe.

Learn Ballet Dancing – Some Useful Tips to Remember in Learning Ballet

Ballet is one great form of dance to learn, but learning it can be difficult as well. To help you learn ballet dancing, here are some tips to help you learn fast and easy.

How to Dance the Cha Cha

The dance uses the popular 4/4 time, which is typical of most Latin dances. The movement begins on beat 2. On the fourth beat, the dancers step side and close to each other.

Learn to Dance – How Men Can Look Sexy on the Dance Floor

How do real mean deal with the ultimate test of confidence a.k.a. dancing? Read on to find out how John Travolta did it, and how you can do it too.

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