TCHINARES // Hannah Baetge, Artistic Program 2021-22 // Songs from a World Apart

Get Lite Street Dance

Getting Lite also called getting dark, lite feet or getting heavy, is a type of street dance movement presently gaining notoriety in urban and street groups, that began in Harlem, NY. It usually happens when a group of people meet and clap a variation of a clap a four count beat over and over. Dancers can then go into the circle and perform moves that are akin to Jerkin, the chicken noodle soup, and the Harlem shake.

Hiring a Choreographer

To hire a choreographer, you need to understand what a choreographer is. They study the musical beats in music and express the feelings through movements. They design and create dance movements for dance companies, professional dancers, dance studios, amateur performing dance companies, and much more.

Health Benefits of Line Dancing

When people think about their next workout, line dancing is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, most people have probably never been line dancing and cannot imagine how it would benefit them. The truth is that there are many health benefits of line dancing for those who are willing to give it a shot.

Tips to Learn Hip Hop Dancing

Hip hop dancing has become so popular in the past few years, it is almost impossible to avoid it. From television shows like America’s Best Dance Crew to clubs in any city in America, hip hop has become an undeniable part of the culture. Anyone can learn to have a great time with hip hop dancing by keeping a few simple tips in mind.

Flash Mob Dancing – The Dance of Surprise

On a typical day, during the height of commute traffic, Victoria Station was suddenly overrun by more than 4000 dancers performing a synchronized dance piece, which briefly shut down the station. It happened again in Times Square, Amsterdam, the Tate Museum, and downtown Chicago, during an opening celebration for Oprah’s new season.

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