The incredible throws of Audrey Lu and Misha Mitrofanov

South African Ballet Dancing and Dawn Weller

Today I would like to write an article on Dawn Weller who was Pact’s prima ballerina at one time. Dawn was one of those ballerina’s who had to work hard for what she achieved. She didn’t possess natural talent, she just found unique ways of manipulating movements and feelings. She had the ability to receive something and develop it in her own way.

Tap Shoes – Practical and Pretty

Shoes, like other kinds of clothes, can tell us a lot about an individual. Some wear shoes purely for practical reasons – obviously we all need to protect our feet!

The Ballet Bar Equipment For Dancing

Dance is very popular nowadays but it is very tough to learn this as it is an art. It requires a lot of practice in movements and postures. Ballets bar, which is popular dance equipment, helps in all those practices that help to gain maximum strength and control over the positioning.

Tap Dancing Shoes Are Top of the List

There are some items of clothing and footwear for a dancer that are merely accessories and not essential to be able to perform. One example of this would be leg warmers, which although fashionable, do not help a dancer to perform but there are obviously examples of a product that is absolutely key to the performance of any dancer. One such product is tap dancing shoes, without which, tap dancing would be very different.

Step Dance Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

Chicago style stepping is a craze enjoyed by many eager fanatics across a number of major cities including Atlanta, Georgia. Known as the Jazz of Ballroom, derivations of African American dance forms and old favourites including The Swing and The Bop have influenced the stepping style as it can be seen in Atlanta today.

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