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Ballroom Dance Dresses – Do Your Dance Steps Wearing the Most Graceful Attire

There are many distinct dance forms that exist in various parts of the world today. These dance forms include ballroom dance, kathak, bhangra, street dance, samba, belly dance, ballet dance, tap dance, salsa, pole dance and others.

How to Dance – Nervous About Getting Started?

Dancing can be a fun way to exercise, increase flexible, increase vitality and energy, and overall mood. It’s one of nature’s oldest cures for the blues, and for a very good reason: it works!

Why You Should Aim to Do Your Ballet Exams

Just like you need to take exams at school, you need to take your exams in your ballet dancing. As a ballet teacher, I can see vast differences in the work and the attitudes of the students that do their ballet exams and those that don’t.

Where Can I Learn Breakdancing Step-by-Step?

Breakdancing usually falls under a bigger genre of dance called street dancing. All types of street dancing are fun and great crowd pleasers, but breakdancing is probably the most impressive. Breakdancing moves that might be considered simple by a professional will still be able to wow an average audience.

Ladies, What to Do With Your Arms

Now once he lets go of your hand what do you do? It can be confusing and you may feel a bit uncertain, but the best course of action, when in doubt is to simply either leave it where he left it or bring it back to neutral. Leave them quiet and easily acceptable. You must never reach for the leaders hand. This causes confusion and disconnection.

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