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How To Dance Gracefully

If you have already started taking dance classes (most likely ballet, jazz, or salsa), you may be concerned about how to dance with more grace. Perhaps you are having a hard time dancing like the other dancers in your dance class and you are concerned about being as graceful as they are. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind while you are dancing or practicing that will teach you how to dance gracefully.

Should I Consider Learning To Salsa From A Salsa Video?

Interested in learning a new style of dance for the first time? If you are considering learning to Salsa from a Salsa video, consider reading this quick guide to see if this is the method of instruction that is right for you.

What Dance Class Should I Sign Up For?

Interested in learning a new style of dance for the first time? Can’t decide between ballet, jazz, tap, salsa, and swing dancing, this quick guide will give you some overview information that will help you determine what the best style of dance class is for you.

Pointe For Beginners – Preparing For Ballet Pointe Shoes

If a pointe class for ballet beginners (including adult ballet beginners) is your goal, there are specific ways you can prepare to dance in toe shoes. The info you need is available. Strengthening your foot muscles with daily exercises is a way you can start right now. Ballet tips on which pointe ballet shoes suit different foot types will get you ready to choose the best ballet wear store, and the best brands to try on when you get there.

Group Dance Fitness Class – Tips For Safety

I am a stickler for technique when I work with my clients and students! Proper technique is the largest prevention method to injury available. Proper form allows the muscles to work at their optimal while achieving the results you are working so hard for. But even the best teachers can not be correcting every student in the class simultaneously. So, why not learn some of these tips for yourself.

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