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Learn To Dance – Instructions for Aspiring Dancers

Stay healthy, fit and friendly while learning how to dance. Make friends and enjoy life with every move you make on the dance floor.

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Learn To Dance

Have these great reasons to make your first step to the dance floor. Now, look good and feel good in dancing!

Become a Better Dancer With Discipline

Discipline is a huge part of every dancer’s success. One dictionary definition states that discipline is orderly, prescribed conduct, or an orderly pattern of behavior. It’s what’s known as self-control. Most things we do demand that we utilize self-control in our active, diligent participation. Work, school, even recreational pursuits move ahead when discipline comes into play.

How To Dance Salsa With Elegance

Ballroom dancing has always be known for its elegance and poise. Is salsa dance the most elegant ballroom dance form?

Types of Ballet Slippers

Learn about the different types of ballet slippers. Which ones are right for you?

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