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Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance Shoe

Whether you dance for fun or for competition it is important to wear shoes that will give you the best performance and the most comfort. Here are five things to look for when choosing a dance shoe.

Create a Great Dance Costume

It’s not very often that dance schools or dance academies have easy access to professional costume designers or an extensive budget. For these smaller shows, using different coloured leotards is a highly effective way of expressing mood whilst sticking to a modest budget. This article is here to help provide you with a few ideas.

What Size Dance Leotard Should I Buy?

If you’re just about to start dance class it’s very likely that you’ll need to buy a dance leotard. This garment is one of your most important pieces of dancewear as it’s breathable, comfortable, and allows for complete freedom of movement. You’ll spend a lot of time practicing in your leotard so it’s important for you to get the right fit.

Pointe Ballet Shoes – And The Details of Pointe Shoe Sizing

Pointe ballet shoes are often described as best fitted to 2-3 sizes smaller than the street shoes you wear. This is grossly inaccurate, as pointe shoes, or ballet toe shoes, come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. The best approach, if you are a pointe ballet beginner and are ready to go and buy ballet shoes, is to first really know your foot type. Here are some ballet tips that will help.

Learn To Dance With the Secrets of the Professionals

There could never be better advice than from a Pro. So follow these tips to get your moves to the higher level.

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