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All Great Dancers Have One Thing in Common

Becoming a great dancer takes a huge amount of work, discipline, dedication and sacrifice. However, there is one important factor that separates the really good dancers from the truly great dancers: passion.To be passionate about something means to love that thing with endless enthusiasm, and every drop of juice in your heart. While it isn’t something anyone can touch, it is something they can feel. When passion enters a room, it’s contagious… and palpable. It’s the thing that makes everyone’s heart beat just a little bit quicker

Ballet Toe Shoes – When Can You Dance in Them

Ballet toe shoes, or pointe shoes, are a goal of most dancers that have seen professional ballet and have fallen in love. Ballet beginners, and adult ballet beginners, often wonder what it will take to get into pointe shoes. You can take advantage of every single ballet barre exercise that you do, if you know how to use your foot muscles correctly. In fact, use of the foot is an important element to classical ballet technique.

Learn to Dance – Choosing the Right Kind of Music

Music plays a vital role in dances. Movements should go with the beat and rhythm of the sound. Learn to dance by choosing he right kind of music for the right kind of dance.

How to Prepare For Your First Dance Class

If you are attending a dance class for the first time, you might be a little nervous and not sure what you’ll need. This article will cover all of the basics so that you can be confident and prepared for your first dance class.

Learn to Dance Salsa – Five Surefire Tricks to Learn to Dance Salsa

If your enthusiasm is driving you to know the tricks to learn to dance salsa, these measures aid you take the right step for learning salsa. In order to learn to dance salsa, you’ll have to know how to dance to the salsa compositions. You should also learn to dance to the Clave rhythm and master the break step t learn to dance salsa.

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