The Russian Ladies | 2018 Olympics Promo: CIVIL WAR PART II – The Coronation

Weight Loss For Dancers

Dancers of all ages experience ongoing frustration with the demands to stay thin, and trying to get close to the ideal ballet body that way. Teenagers especially, with the hormonal changes, mood swings, academic demands and social pressures, need to learn how to manage healthy weight loss.

All About Irish Step Dancing

Are you into dancing of any kind? Are you really good at dancing but just getting tired of doing the same thing again and again. Well in this case have you ever considered taking on a new approach and a fun dance called Irish Step Dancing. I am sure that most of you guys have heard of the show River dance which gives amazing performances of this unique and wonderful way of dancing. Of course other popular programs that show this form of dancing but with a more modern approach include Lord of the Dance.

My Fantastic Fourth of July Weekend

I’m getting outside and playing this summer. More than ever before! Here’s my best day so far in the sun.

Benefits of the ZUMBA Dance Fitness Program

ZUMBA is a dance fitness experience that is great for weight loss, general fitness levels and coordination. This article talks about the benefits of ZUMBA and what to expect during your class.

Portable Ballet Bar For the Convenient Practice

Portable ballet bar can provide you many major benefits as compared to the other stationary equipments which cannot be moved from one place to another. If the dancer is truly committed to the dance and wants to practice as much he can, then he really needs the equipment like the portable ballet bar which he can place anywhere he wants, and can do the practice.

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