The #UpAgain Show | Episode 2 | Ireen Wüst

Dancing Is a Subjective Sport

Dancing, just like any other sport is very subjective. There are many highly trained instructors for every dance. Whether it is Waltz or West Coast Swing, Country 2 Step or Foxtrot you will find that certain aspects of the dance remain the same no matter where you learn to dance and that others will differ.

Why Our Breath Is So Important

The quality of your breath equates with the quality of your health. Oxygen plays a vital role in the body. It allows the cells in the body to release their stored energy to be used to keep the body moving and working. Every cell in the body needs oxygen to be part in the complex cellular processes to create life. For dancers, efficient breathing patterns are especially important.

The Difference Between Soreness and Pain

Definition of Pain – Pain refers to the sophisticated process in which our nervous system relays significant information to us. It directs us to pay attention on what are happening to our bodies. In case that we are in danger of hurting ourselves, like for instance when we get too close to a hot burner on the stove, pain relates such information to us. Pain is a subjective experience and it can be either acute or chronic.

Planning For A Successful Dance Lesson

It is often said that failing to plan is, more or less, deliberately planning to fail. And indeed, in most situations where we have been successful in life, it tends to turn out that we planned well – that being in a situation where planning is simply making decisions in advance on what to do, on various eventualities. It is based on those premises then, that as a dancing tutor, you could find yourself inclined to make a lesson plan beforehand, so that during the fluid moments of the lesson (where you are with the learners in the actual ‘classroom’ situation), you role becomes one of simply implementing the dance class plan, and perhaps fine-tuning it in line with emerging realities in the course of the lesson.

Dance Pointe Shoes – From Serious Dancers To Wedding Ballet Flats

Having performed in dance pointe shoes, I would hate to be the one to inform the searchers of ballet flats for weddings that they will be taking their shoes off before those wearing the 4 inch heels. Since I read a lot about ballet and dance wear, I see the inquiries for white pointe shoes, red pointe shoes, and more, to go with wedding attire. Seriously, these are not shoes to walk around in!

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