“They have done worse to themselves, there will be no interest in figure skating without our athletes.” Russian functionaries and coaches commented on ISU decision not to allow Russian skaters to compete at the ISU events.

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Russian figure skating functionaries and coaches commented on ISU decision not to allow Russian skaters to compete at the ISU events.

General Director of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) Alexander Kogan: We regret about the decision of the ISU. We believe and have always believed that sport is outside of politics, that it is one of the basic principles of the Olympic movement, so it’s a pity.

This is obviously a discriminatory decision on the basis of belonging to any country. We will do everything for our athletes and coaches so that they have the opportunity to train and compete.

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Honorary President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) Valentin Piseev: I am outraged. They have done worse to themselves, there will be no interest in figure skating without Russian athletes.

Ugly decision. This will not contribute to the development of world figure skating and holding World Championships at the level it should be, the interest in competitions will obviously disappear.

The Championships will no longer be the same as it always was when our Russian athletes.

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Alexander Zhulin: It’s a big blow to all of us. So far, the situation is dire. I read about football, hockey, figure skating. There seems to be no end to this.

Everyone should understand one thing: there is, for example, a dance pair Sinitsina and Katsalapov. If the judges agree to remove them, no matter how they skate, they will remove them. Exactly the same thing is happening now.

They just agreed, they do not see the main thing, they consume the information they want. How long can this go on?

We will tighten our belts, we will go on vacation to Sosnovy Bor, we will train for the championships in Syzran, we will make it much stronger.

We will strive to bring the Russian Nationals to the level of the world teams. It will be more interesting to watch Trusova, Valieva and Shcherbakova than all figure skating without Russian skaters.

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Ilia Averbukh: Of course, it’s very sad. We want to support our guys. This generation has had a hard time. They had to miss so many competitions, and now there is a ban.

Now more than ever they need words of support. I wish them all strength and resilience to get through this.

It remains only to hope that the passions will subside and the world will become the world again.

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Tatiana Navka: We all saw what happened at the Olympics. Now, I think, everyone will be happy that there will be no Russian skaters at the World Championships.

I am very sorry that all this is happening: I feel sorry for the athletes, children who are innocent and have no relation to all the politics.

Of course, this is an overshoot. To be honest, I don’t even have words. I really want to believe that this nightmare will end soon.

source: championat.com, sport-express.ru

Evgeni Plushenko: I can’t keep silent. As an athlete and any sane person, I share the position that sport is out of politics. But in reality we do not see this: on Monday, FIFA and UEFA excluded our teams from all competitions after the IOC called to suspend our athletes in all sports!

Today, the International Skating Union banned Russians from participating in competitions under its auspices. This is a big mistake!

You can’t mix sports with politics, you can’t punish athletes and deprive them of the right to perform and compete, as they do now. This is discrimination and a direct violation of the rights of athletes.

Our skaters proved that they are the strongest in the world. Interest in figure skating will not be the same without our athletes. The sanctions that are applied to the representatives of Russia in sports are inadequate and politicized.

If our athletes do not participate in international competitions, victories will be depreciated, because the strongest in many sports will stay at home. More recently, the IOC changed the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, approved back in 1894.

Now it sounds: “Faster, higher, stronger, together.” Is it just words? Now they want to isolate Russia from world sports, which means that the Olympic values are a thing of the past.

Everyone wants peace, and I want it! I really hope that everything will end as soon as possible, and the negotiations will bear fruit. I believe our president!

I am not a politician, I am an athlete and my goal is to unite people through the love of sport, overcoming political differences. I’m sure we can all make it!”

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