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Why Should Men Learn Ballroom Dancing

Many men make excuses not to learn ballroom dancing (or social dancing in general). They will often argue that it is because dancing is not for them or not manly enough. The truth is that they are actually intimidated by the idea. Indeed learning to dance socially is confronting. But that’s part of the reason why men should take it on. It is a challenge, but one well worth the effort. This article explains why men should take on this challenge and what the benefits are.

Tap Dance Lessons Are A Great Way To Have Fun While Getting In Shape

Tap dance lessons are appropriate for anyone who loves to dance from kids to adults, and are a great way to fit in your daily exercise! Read on to learn more about this topic.

The History of the Tango

The Tango is a somewhat mystical dance that can be both exciting and exhilarating to do. It is one of the more difficult ballroom dances to learn, and there are also different styles of Tango that have emerged over the years from different parts of the world. The Tango is not flowing like the Foxtrot or the Waltz and has a strong staccato quality that makes it unique amongst the ballroom dances.

Teaching Dance Lessons? Games To Make Classes Fun For Kids

If you’re a teacher who’s teaching dance lessons to small children, it’s important to make it fun! Here are some games that you can use to make dancing fun.

Tips For Getting Fit For Pole Dancing

Are you looking to get stronger and fitter for pole dancing? If so this is a must read article. Discover simple and quick ways to get fit for pole dancing. Learn top tips for developing strong abdominals, strong arms and the benefits of increasing flexibility when you participate in pole fitness.

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