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Seducing Your Dance Teacher

Many people become attracted to their dance teacher when they take up social dancing. This situation is different from others where you want to seduce someone. It is wise to understand this before deciding to proceed.

Learn About The Advantages Of Attending Dance Schools

Dancing is very enjoyable. It is enjoyable for both the person dancing as well as the person watching. Dancing is actually a profession on its own in the modern world. There are persons who earn a very comfortable living working as dancers. Such persons include professionals who offer dance classes.

Break Dance Video Recommended For Beginners

Break Dance (better known as B-boying, B-girling or Breaking) is one of the four original elements of “Hip-hop”. Ever since the 1980’s, the dance became known as “Break Dancing” by the media and has been hugely popular ever since. Many Break Dance video documentaries, tutorials and movies have been produced over the years. Whether you’re already familiar or new to the art form, you’ll never ever stop learning and there are some amazing Break Dance videos that you must see.

How to Choose the Right Dance Shoes For Females

Whether you are a Salsa, Swing, Ballroom or Latin dancer, you need good quality dance shoes. So, what makes a shoe good for dancing?

The Benefits Of Learning To Dance

Dancing exercises all the major muscle groups by forcing the muscles to resist against the body weight of the dancer. Lifting and bending will strengthen the muscles in the back, shoulders and arms. Leg muscles build up more with dances that involve jumping and leaping. Because dancing is a form of exercise, it increases endurance just as any other exercise would. At first, learning to dance would be tiring. Over time, dancing would become easier as the dancer’s endurance builds up.

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