Tommie & Klabera – America // DANCING ON ICE // #5

Belly Dance Is a Dance of Passion

Belly dance has very ancient roots. The dance is traditional for the countries of the Middle East. A set of movements is a mixture of styles of many areas of Lebanon, the North Africa, Egypt, Persian Gulf, and Turkey. The other common property for such dances is various degrees of flirtation and coquetry.

Salsa Classes – Salsa Lessons for Different Skill Levels

Salsa classes offer students various lessons to suit their skill level. It is best to enroll in a class where you are comfortable and can develop your skill to the fullest.

Learn Thriller Dance Moves

Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller dance moves have fascinated people beyond all imagination. When Thriller hit the scene, the moves started such a craze among fans that everyone wanted to learn the Thriller dance moves.

The Best Of Michael Jackson’s Dance Moves

Michael Jackson’s dance moves are considered to be among the most original and creative dance moves to ever have been performed on stage by any dancer. MJ’s moves and steps have always succeeded in thrilling fans and stealing the spotlight.

Learn To Dance Like A Pro With Dance DVDs

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable ways of expressing yourself. For those who want to learn dancing, but are unable to take time out for dance classes, getting a dance DVD can go a long way in fulfilling your dancing dreams.

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