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Three Essential Features to Know Before You Learn How to Salsa

If you are eagerly waiting to to learn how to salsa, you must also be exploring various possibilities to know the best form to learn how to salsa. Before venturing to start learning the salsa lessons, it is essential to take note of three essential features to know how to salsa in a better way.

Salsa Timing – Switching From On2 To On1 Salsa Timing

The interesting thing is that hardly anyone ever talks about switching from On2 salsa timing to On1. In this article I will share four tips to help you make the transition.

Dance Lessons – Improve Your Skills

Dancing is an art and people can learn this art which is divided in various forms. Some people are great dancers and are said to possess this talent right from birth. However, this does not stop you from learning this beautiful form of movements and imagination. The thoughts of the person make him flow and he reaches a totally different world where he can move to the rhythm of the beats without any restrictions and boundaries.

Salsa Timing – 4 Tips To Understanding Salsa Timing For Absolute Beginner

When I started dancing salsa I did not even know that salsa could be counted much less that there was actually different ways to understand the timing, yet I became a salsa star. In this article, I will teach you some of my insights that will jump start you toward salsa timing and musicality mastery.

Salsa Timing – How To Go From On1 To On2 Salsa Timing In One Day

When, I started dancing salsa, I first learned On1. It was only after couple of years after I had become proficient at dancing On1 that I made the switch to dancing On2. In this article, I am going to give you 5 tips to help you to go from On1 salsa timing to On2 salsa timing in one day.

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