Tommie & Klabera – Zij Gelooft In Mij // DANCING ON ICE // #6

Do The Cha-Cha-Cha

Do The Cha-Cha-Cha – The lively beat of the cha-cha-cha, sometimes shortened to cha-cha, is characteristic of Latin American ballroom dance styles. The dance was, in fact, named after the sound made by the dancer’s shoes scraping the floor in rhythm to the beat.

So, What Is Considered Proper Dance Etiquette, You Ask?

No need to work your brain into a frenzy! I have seen first-hand and read plenty of excellent blogs regarding dance etiquette. In fact, when dancing any style of Salsa, Tango, Bachata, and even Country Boot-Scootin’ Boogie, there are some really common sense courtesies that apply to all of these styles.

Rumba Dance History – The Dance of Love

The Rumba Dance is one of the oldest Latin American dances. It is a popular ballroom dance in the United States and in other countries as well. But where did the dance originate?

Capezio Dancewear for Different Dance Styles

The primary purpose of Capezio dancewear is to allow you to both look and move as a dancer. Capezio dancewear includes many different items, such as leotards, tights, tutus, wrap skirts, and of course, shoes. Dancewear must either accentuate or complement your body’s movements while you dance.

Cha Cha Dance to the Tune of Sensual and Energetic Music

Many of us can easily recognize the cha cha dance by simply listening to the music being played on the background. By definition, cha cha is a slightly fast rhythmic dance of Latin American origin consisting of three standard steps and a hip-swaying shuffle. Yet somehow the most distinctive quality of the dance is not found in steps but rather in the beat by which it is being danced to.

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