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Spice Up Your Life by Learning to Salsa Dance

Learn the basics of salsa dancing with your preferred learning method. Currently, there are various tutorial forms in which you can learn how to dance salsa.

Why Try Salsa Dancing?

If you’re looking for a dance that’s worth taking up, the answer is definitely Salsa. Need a bit of convincing? Well, here are 7 reasons for why you should try salsa dancing.

Buying Tips For a Wall Mounted Ballet Bar

One of the most important part before dancers dance ballet is the warm up and stretching, which is done at the ballet bar or the “barre.” It is mounted at the wall and runs horizontally along the wall. Some determined dancers have these bars in their homes to practice ballet at their convenience.

Setting the Right Height For Your Ballet Bar

In order to provide the dancer with proper stability and support, you need to specifically set the most appropriate height for the bar you use during performance of these exercises. This factor would impact the ability to balance on the lower part of the body. Given the demanding nature of a ballet activity, properly choosing the height and type of ballet bar to use is crucial for the ballerina’s safety.

Dance Lesson – Developing Power and Control on the Dance Floor

The essence of good balance lays on the premise of maintaining both a good straight vertical axis (where the spine is straight), and a good parallel alignment of the hips and shoulders with the dance floor. It also requires an awareness of your supporting leg and body column (which will ultimately become the foundation of your source of power).

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