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Choose the Perfect Ballet Shoes

The golden rule of choosing dance shoes whatever the style of dance is comfort. This is absolutely essential in order to ensure you give your best possible performance. In ballet, having a comfortable pair of ballet shoes is no less important than any other style of dance.

How to Select a Ballet Leotard Online

It’s always exciting when it’s time to buy a new ballet leotard. No matter how many times you’ve shopped around it’s always surprising just how many different styles are available. Not so long ago, you would have visited your local dance shop and chosen a leotard from a relatively limited range. However, the internet brings a whole host of online retailers that offer an enormous choice of leotards.

Girls Satin Ballet Shoes Are Truly Beautiful

Soft ballet shoes have been worn by ballet dancers for many years. They’re designed to be very lightweight and highly flexible to enable ballet dancers to perform with true elegance. Ballet shoes are mainly available in three fabrics which are leather, canvas and satin. Each have their own advantages but it is satin that is the most beautiful of the three.

Fashion Leotards Are Great For Children Too

The importance of choosing quality leotards cannot be underestimated in providing the correct fit for your child. More and more dance teachers are allowing their students to wear their own choice of leotard, so there is a range of factors to consider when buying yours so we thought we’d outline a few of them in this article.

8 Essential Salsa Dance Tips for the Absolute Beginner

Salsa dancing is a healthy, sociable leisure activity that can be very addictive. However, like most things, good practitioners don’t always make good teachers and salsa dancing has many branches, all of which have their own technical considerations. These invaluable tips will give you a great start to your salsa dancing.

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