Vadym NOVIKOV (UKR) Men Free Skating | Courchevel 1 – 2021

Modern Ballroom Dancing, the Life Long Challenge That Never Gets Boring

It’s impossible to say exactly when early men and women first started dancing, but it is reasonable to say that we probably have been doing it ever since we were able to. The 9,000 year old Bhimbetka cave paintings in India depict the earliest dancing images we have. It wasn’t modern ballroom dancing back then, but it was the beginnings of what has become modern dance.

Going Back to Ballet Classes – Join the Adult Ballet Dancers!

Recently I’ve talked to older dancers who want to get back to ballet classes after five, ten and even 27 years! Good for them! Ballet is excellent fitness, excellent exercise, and if approached with patience by a healthy adult with experience, or an adult beginner, artistic fulfillment can be achieved too.

Dance Lessons – Improve Your Ballroom Dancing With Better Balance

Is your balance shaky? – Practice this simple exercise to develop excellent balance.

How to Dance Like Elvis Presley

Are you going to be dressing up as Elvis? Having a great Elvis costume is only 50% of becoming the KING. If you truly want to be Elvis, you need to know his dance moves. Here is an overview…

Ballet Studio – A Dancer’s Workshop

Like any other artist, a ballet dancer needs a lot of room to practice and perfect their performance. Of course for a dancer, you can make any space your stage but in order to get the full effect, you will need a ballet studio to get lessons and choreography assistance from an instructor.

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