Vasilisa AHRAMENKA / Alessio SURENKOV-GULTCHEV (GBR) Ice Dance Rhythm Dance | Courchevel 1 – 2021

4 Dance Audition Tips

Some brief tips that every dancer should consider when preparing for a dance audition. Don’t go on another dance audition without reading these tips!

Improve Your Ballet by Learning How to Train Your Brain Waves For Creativity

Ballet dancers and all creative artists who have more Alpha brain waves suffer less tension and anxiety. The artistic lifestyle of competition and daily pressures produces stress, which suppresses your immune systems, diminishing the physical strength you rely on. If, in the teen years, during ballet training, you could train your brain and become familiar with Alpha waves and producing positive emotions, your adult years in ballet would be much more fulfilling.

Using Basic Ballet Barre Exercises to Improve Your Muscle Tone

If you an older ballet beginner and are still figuring out the reasoning behind your ballet barre exercises, (never mind all the French words for ballet), following are some explanations. Understanding the focus of each basic ballet move, will help you learn basic ballet positions, and improve your muscle tone.

Why Aren’t You Using a Portable Ballet Bar For Your Dance Exercises?

Have you ever used a ballet bar before? Of course if you are a ballet dancer, this is something that you have been acquainted to, from the start of your training up to rehearsals for various performances.

How to Improve Ballet Turnout – Help Me Please

So many dancers battle with this and are asking this question in desperation: “how to improve ballet turnout?” We all know that the ballet turnout is the basis of all the dancing, yet so many do not know how to improve it. Well, read on for some ideas to help you.

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