Vincent Zhou announces his 2021-22 Free Skate music to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”

Dance Instructors Can Help You Reap the Many Health Benefits of Dancing

Dance instructors can provide you with the necessary training that can reap you numerous health benefits. Dancing does not only offer you physical, cardiovascular and social benefits but mental rewards as well. It is found to be very effective in reducing the risks of dementia by as much as 76%.

Travolta Dancing – Improve Your Dance Moves

In the 1970s John Travolta was shot to International fame as a Disco Dance sensation in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ followed swiftly by ‘Grease’. In the 1970s Travolta dancing was truly a sight to be seen. He made disco dancing seem so effortless and fun. It was a joy to watch Travolta dancing and viewers longed to join him to take part and escape the dreary reality of every-day life by bopping the nights away on the dance floor.

Why The Heel May Be The Most Important Part Of The Tango Shoe

You can choose from many different types of heels for your tango shoes. However, getting the right heel is absolutely crucial to you being able to perform the tango properly and safely.

3 Ways Ballroom Dancing Classes Can Fit Into Anyone’s Schedule

Ballroom dancing has become popular again, and ballroom dancing classes can teach you the proper way to move on the dance floor. Private dance lessons, ballroom dancing classes, and instructional DVD’s are all viable options to learn the art of dance. This article will help you decide what type of instruction works best for you.

Ballet Dancing and Why You Should Try It

Most children start ballet at around the ages of four or five. At this stage ballet is loads of fun with a mixture of imagination, musicality and the very basics of classical ballet technique. Once the child has reached about seven or eight, the hard work begins, and the child will either develop a passion for dance or throw in the towel.

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