Watch our celebs’ first slips on the ice! 👀 | Dancing on Ice 2021

Being on dancing on ice, is really a dream. Come true: [, Music ]! I’m, so excited i never thought. In a million years i’ll, be on a show where i could fall and i can be a meme [, Music ]. This is the most dangerous show on tv and you realize it when you say to people i’m, doing darts, not nice, they go you’re mad.

It’s, the dancing that scares me. It really is. I think i’m, petrified of dancing [ Music ], the sort of falling in front of millions of people. I’m sure millions of people would love that from me. It’s about that buzz.

You know when it goes right and the adrenaline it’s, fantastic [, Music ]. I would definitely love to surprise few people and hopefully we will never ice skated. I’ve, never danced i’ve, never done any kind of performing there’s.

Quite a lot of pressure. I’m, excited and nervous and overwhelmed. I thought this would be hard work. Oh, i didn’t think it was going to be this much hard work. Oh no, we’re done dancing onto razor sharp knives there’s, not much that can go wrong.

I’m, definitely feeling the pressure, but the doi trophy. I think that would look nice just next to olympic medals, [, Music ]. The only reason anybody should move like this is because they’re nine pints in [, Music ].


Source : Youtube


Ballet Tutus – Create An Impressive Dance Costume

Every dancer – young and old loves still to perform in a tutu. Often perceived to be really expensive, tutus can be a great value and look highly effective whether performing a solo performance or as part of a troupe. There are a number of different ways to use a dance tutu for your performance, and this article is here to give you a few ideas.

A Beginner’s Guide to Ballet Leotards

A quick beginners guide to ballet leotards. What are they? Why do you need one? How much should you spend? All your questions answered in one simple article!

Dancers’ Ballet Tips – Pointe Shoes, And One Of The Tricky Sizing Areas

Sizing pointe shoes can be tricky in certain areas. There is considerable ballet talk among dancers about problematic situations. One, for example, is the kind of foot called “compressible”. All feet are, to a degree, meaning that you can force your feet into short or pointed shoes, and they will compress. Yet, there is a foot type that is more compressible than ordinary, and this foot needs a special tapered box in the toe shoes. Even a foot that is wide across the metatarsal joints might be more compressible in a pointe shoe, causing problems when you first go to buy pointe shoes.

Dance Classes Improve Test Scores and More

At the tail end of spring every year, my daughter’s school spends a week rehearsing, dancing and performing for their World Dance Festival. Frankly, I wish that dance was a part of their curriculum all year long, because aside from the obvious physical benefits, it has been shown that students who are dancers are not only better, more confident students, but hey, they get higher test scores. Coincidentally, that’s one of the primary motivating factors in today’s school system, so shouldn’t more schools be looking at implementing a dance program?

The Dance Chicken AND the Egg!

I suppose that you all have heard the expression; “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?” This of course creates the case of a circular cause and consequence. In partner dancing you will often hear the follower blame the leader or the leader blaming the follower; this is also a circular cause and consequence. In order to form a near perfect partnership in dance, one must be willing to put forth the effort and dedication to acquire the necessary skills to competently perform their role.

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