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Fear Results in a Tense Dance Frame

The fear of learning to dance is no different than the fear of anything new or unknown. We often perceive something to be much more ominous than it truly is. We often react to fear by tensing up our bodies in preparation to protect ourselves. This tensing, and clenching is one of a dancers greatest enemies. Especially when you are brand new.

Adult Ballet Beginners’ Response to Corrections

Not all adult ballet beginners come to class with technical goals. Many want to work on ballet as they understand it, with a personal commitment to show up, and do the class, without any input or demands from the teacher. In contrast, many adult dancers who studied ballet when young, have an automatic “work-to-the-max” response to being in class.

African Dancing

There are many types of world dance that are becoming popular in American society. Read on to learn the history and background of African Dance.

Dancing Foot Injuries

While I am certain that there are many different types of foot injuries that occur while dancing, I will be referring to my own particular foot injury. I am in no way trying to diagnose anyone’s foot problems, I am just going to share my own. You may suffer from some of the same symptoms that I have and I will tell you how I cured mine.

Tap Solo Music – Selecting the Best Music to Suit Your Dancing Style

Choosing your favourite piece of music for your Tap Dance may be your worst mistake. I have seen countless dancers get on the stage at a festival and dance to a piece of music which is too old for them, too modern for them, too fast, too sexy etc. It is vital that you can take an unbiased look at yourself and be objective enough to select the right music.

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