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Calf Pain and Achilles Injuries in Dancers

With the increase in popularity of dancing of all kinds due to the celebrity shows on TV, more and more people are taking up dancing. We are seeing many more dancers- both recreational and professional in our clinic with Achilles problems and calf strains.

How to Freak Dance

Freak dancing is a form of art that is too expressive and suggestive in nature. In common, parlance it is also referred as dirty dancing where two partners rub their pelvic portions with each other along with predominant movements of their respective hips. There are different variants of freak dancing but the most noted one is the Caribbean style.

How to Hip Hop Dance

Hip hop dance is a form of dance that first started in the early 70’s. This is a western dance but it took the world by storm just because of its sheer exuberance. It was popular in all the social circuits but primarily it was the dance of the socialites. This form of dancing was an integral part of the club culture during the contemporary 70’s.

Appreciating Online Dance Stores

A professional dancer’s life can be exhilarating. They may take several classes a week and also do several performances. Through a lot of trial and error they’ve learned what they like and what is most comfortable to practice in.

Sweep Her Off Her Feet – How to Dance With a Woman in a Club

Most men think that a few fancy moves can get them any woman they desire. At times they do work. But in most cases, they only come across as a sign of arrogance. When you are trying to get a woman, the least thing you would want is to appear egotistical or overconfident.

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