Why Queer Eye Japan is the Best One Yet with Bobby Berk | Break the Ice with Adam Rippon

To Flirt or Not to Flirt on the Dance Floor

Some opinions and perspectives on flirting in the world of salsa. When is it good and when is it not?

Ballet Rules! Tips on How to Have Fun in Every Ballet Class

Ballet is the root, the foundation of all movement. It fosters strong technique in all dance mediums by increasing flexibility, balance and core strength.

Dance Boys! 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Male Dance Students

Guys are so much fun to teach! We all know that getting young men into your dance studio is a wonderful thing. They bring a whole new dynamic to your classes.

4 Great Reasons You Would Want to Slow Down Music – Get The Most From Your Dance or Music Practice

Are you a dancer or dance instructor, music teacher or musician? There are amazing benefits when you slow down music that you are endeavoring to learn. When learning a dance routine or a selection of music it makes sense to begin slow, until you are perfect (or close to it), and then build tempo until you can perform it confidently at the desired speed. Instead of entrenching a bunch of mistakes into your brain from the start, it makes sense to ingrain a correct activity in your mind right from the beginning.

Kathakali The Classical Dance Form Of Kerala

Kathakali the classical dance form of Kerala was originated in Kerala 400 years ago. Kathakali is an art form where music, dance and drama are incredibly synchronized that is in Kathakali constitutes three fine arts, abhinayam or acting, nrityam or dancing, and geetham or singand.

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