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Ballroom Dancing – Slow Fox Trot

There are several different theories on the source of this ballroom dance’s name. The most often told story is that the dance was made popular by a new man named Harry Fox who was a vaudeville comedian with the Ziegfeld Follies.

Grace, Elegance, and Drama – The Smooth Dances

Like anything in life, Ballroom dancing has two sides. One is sassy, hot, loud and Latin; the other is elegant and graceful, yet no less dramatic, Smooth. I would encourage you to try Smooth, even if you think you are an expressive, Latin type to the core.

Ballroom Dancing – The Handicapped and the Disabled

Dancing is good for your health, for weight loss and for mental relaxation. Everyone loves to dance, including those individuals who just are blind, deaf, missing limbs or confined to a wheelchair. Many groups have formed classes to teach these people ballroom, line dances, jazz ballet and anything else they may want to learn.

Ballet Bar – Deciding For a Portable One

Ballet bars are a very important thing especially to someone who loves to stay fit. It is one of the important things for dancers especially those who are inclined to ballet dancing.

Learning Pole Dancing is Fun

Pole dancing is a fun and enjoyable activity that both improves your fitness and offers you a chance to socialise. Over the last few years the popularity of pole dancing has increased hugely. A wide variety of poles are available to buy for home use and courses in pole dancing are held all over the United Kingdom.

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