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Learn to Dance Tips

These tips will help any beginner learn to dance. This will come in handy for those who want to develop their social skills and dancing.

How to Dance – Feel Free to Disco!

Who doesn’t know disco? Who hasn’t heard of it? Well, I guess, everybody from all walks of life, may it be young or old knows this dance and dances it well!

How to Dance Salsa

Beginners would take delight in the easy manageable steps on learning how to dance salsa detailed in the article. Readers who love salsa and want to learn it would benefit most from these tips.

The Importance Of Using a Ballet Bar For Warm-Up and Cool Down

In every field of sports, there is always what we call the “basics” which we need to master in order to get ourselves to the next level. If we want to be good in any field, we have to be patient and persistent in mastering the fundamentals of our chosen field to get ourselves to the next level faster. In the case of ballet, mastering the use of the ballet bar is the only way to be good in the dance. Getting used with real ballet shoes, knowing the basic positions and movements in ballet, efficient execution of the movements, and professional footwork starts in the barre.

How to Dance – When the Sassy Meets the Jazzy!

Dare to move those jazz hands and feet? Here are some good tips you can hang onto! enjoy!

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