Winners Interview – Lindsay THORNGREN (USA)

Great Chance to Dance With Terence Lewis

As one of the choreographer judges in the serial, Dance India Dance, Lewis has become a household name but the man has been around for many years now. Lewis runs a very successful dance school in Juhu, Mumbai and has had a successful run as a Bollywood choreographer and contemporary dance instructor in Mumbai.

The Many Benefits of Learning to Dance – Salsa Anyone?

Dancing can be fun and a great way to meet new people. But additionally, dancing can help one overcome troubles and just make life more fun. Want to dance?

Dance Classes Fun Exercise Alternative For Women

Different information on health and fitness nowadays made women engage more in a healthy lifestyle. Now, apart from eating the right food, gyms and other special classes such as Pilates and Yoga are becoming regular habits of women. Although they are helpful, the regularity of the exercise routine gets redundant that the determination to fully attend on a daily or weekly basis lessens. But, through dance classes, exercising with a different approach is spontaneous as lessons are exciting and become social gatherings as well.

Dancing As an Exercise

The benefits that dance brings about are well known to all. For many persons, dance is a passionate matter. Dance for most of them is a means of recreation. The channels that dance opens up for individual expression are countless.

Daggering and Jamaica

A new popular dance has emerged in the dancehall music in Jamaica, it is called daggering. This is a dance move that involves both genders forcefully pushing their bodies against each other to resemble sexual contact. The songs which are featured on several rhythms involve dancehall artists declaring their sexual abilities in demanding ways.

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