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Basic Salsa Dance Steps

Mastering the basic step will be the first key step to developing proper technique and timing in salsa. Your spins and partner-work techniques will be executed in sync with the rhythm of the music once you have mastered your basic. Think of the basic step as the drummer in a band.

Finding The Perfect Dance Class For Children Ages 3-5

Finding the perfect dance class for your child can be frustrating at times, especially if your child is very young. Because of the short attention span of young children, you should choose a class that is divided into short spans of time for each subject or activity. This will ensure that your child will not get bored and frustrated as well as contribute to his or her enjoyment and enrichment of the art of dance.

Learn How to Dance Online – What to Look For in an Online Dance School

Is it possible to really learn how to dance online, and if so, can you get the same quality lessons that one may receive from a real dance studio? This article will try to help answer these questions in a clear and present manner.

Should I Move to a Bigger City For My Dancing Career?

Many times a dancer will find that there aren’t many opportunities for a dancer in their town and consider a move to one of the big cities. What should a dancer do in this situation? Find out the best thing to do here.

Should a Dancer Invest in Professional Photographs?

Every dancer needs to have some good photos. They need these photos to bring with them to auditions, to send through the post when applying for jobs, to send to agents and in many other instances. They are one of the ‘essentials’ for a dancer.

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