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Selecting the Very Best

Jazz is an exciting dance genre. It’s fun to dance to the fast music with a lot of movement and creative chorography. Dancers moving into the jazz area for the first time will need to purchase a pair of shoes before they start classes. There are several things to look for in a good jazz shoe, including style, material and fit.

Getting Back to Ballet

Getting back to ballet after a few years off seems intimidating to many who really want to. A child, teen, or adult ballet student will need a different approach. Some may need to get in shape for ballet for a few months. Unless there is a medical condition, there is no reason not to go back to classical dancing.

Hip Hop Dance Classes – A Good Way to Learn a Social Dance Style

Hip hop dancing has become an integral part of our society. Having commenced in the 1970 and gaining ground daily, it is one of those dance styles that allows a good measure of freedom in its movements.

Spotting For Pirouettes Correctly

Spotting is the technique used by ballet dancers to avoid dizziness while doing multiple turns. In ballet classes, and in theaters, dancers will find a “spot” that they can see, and upon which they will focus throughout, for example, the 32 fouettes performed in Swan Lake by the ballerina, or a series of turns a la seconde by the male dancer.

Ballet Shoe Ordering Manual

Buying well fitting ballet shoes is very important. Well fitting shoes will make you a better dancer and allow you to have more fun practicing ballet.

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