Your 2021 champions are…. Sonny Jay and Angela! 🎉 | Dancing on Ice 2021

Dad Dancing for Beginners

Nowadays dancing is not a problem for me but for 44 of my 45 years on this earth I have hated and avoided both the idea and the act of getting on the dance floor and having a dance. Actually that’s not strictly true as I gather I quite liked dancing as a toddler and small child but somewhere during my childhood I learned to hate it. I have no idea how this came about, all I know is that from at least the age of about 12 onwards and for my entire adolescent and most of my adult life, I have…

Will Learning Locking Dance Moves Make You A Better Dancer?

Are locking dance moves a good choice when it comes to learning how to dance? Will these moves make you a better dancer?

Is Locking As Hard As It Looks?

When you see the best lockers dancing in the world it may seem like they’re engaging in some magic of some sort. So is it really that hard to do?

Trade the Gym for a Dance Studio

Working out doesn’t have to be boring, painful, and unappealing. An engaging activity like dancing is a great way to liven up your workout routine.

Are Locking Dance Moves Fun To Do?

Locking is a style of popular dance that was created in the 60’s. If you’re thinking of taking up a dance style is locking a fun one to do?

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