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Ballroom Dancing – Popular With Young People

Moderate ballroom dancing burns between 250 and 300 calories per hour. Vigorous dancing can burn as many as 400 calories per hour.

How to Fit Your Ballet Slippers and Pointe Shoes Properly

As a ballet dancer you know that it is crucial to fit your pointe shoes properly. This will help you perform to the best of your ability, and will also prevent you from getting injured which can happen so easily in the wrong shoes or ill fitting pointe shoes.

Classical Ballet Moves – How to Create That Effortless Quality

There are specific training moves in classical ballet that will determine whether or not a dance student, of ballet, modern or any other dance style, is eventually able to “dance” all the connecting steps in choreography. Coming down from a jump or pirouette, executing effortless preparations, pas de bouree (a linking step that can move in any direction, even en tournant, or turning), are all ballet moves that can define the degree of professionalism in your dancing.

Salsa Dancing Its History and Origins

Cali, Colombia is known by most of the Latin America as the world’s “Capital of Salsa”, not simply for the dancing but also for its richness in music. The “Feria de Cali” is the largest Salsa festival in the world and is held every December, with the world’s top dancers and salsa groups performing.

Ballet Technique Problems – Sickling and Rolling of the Feet and Ankles

Sickling and rolling are terms that are often used in ballet dancing to describe problems with the alignment of the ankle. Many ballet pupils don’t have a clear understanding of this problem, and therefore battle to correct it.

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