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Ballroom Dancing Lessons – How to Talk Your Man Into Going!

Ballroom dancing lessons are fun! Women might be surprised to find out that most men would not really mind taking a few ballroom dancing lessons if approached about it in the right way. In fact, once most men take a lesson or two, they tend to really enjoy themselves.

What Do I Need For Tap Dancing Classes?

Tap dancing is a style of dance characterised by a distinctive tapping sound created by metal plates called taps on the heel and toe of the dancer’s shoe. The dancer performs on a hard surface so their tap shoes create a percussive sound which synchronises with the rhythm of the music.

Ballroom Dance Steps – A 4 Step Introduction!

Ballroom dancing is as popular as ever, one of the reasons is the many movies and television shows that feature dancing. Besides the valuable social benefits of dancing, your participation in a regular program of ballroom dancing will produce significant physical and mental health benefits. Ballroom dancing also goes deeper than just dancing.

Ballroom Dance Competition – Facts and Tips

Ballroom dancing can be a great way to challenge your body as well as your mind. It can give you an excellent cardiovascular workout and help to tone your muscles. Plus, ballroom dancing is the great way to lose weight and get you in shape.

Develop Attributes For Life’s Successes

Dance is a discipline that helps develop physical and mental abilities. With the aid of professional instructors, students are learning skills that appear on stage and transfer into their capabilities in the world around them, at school and in their work as adults.

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