Yulia Lipnitskaya / Юлия Липницкая – Roar (Katy Perry)

Dance Ethics and Codes of Conduct

Just like any sport or hobby, dance has a code of ethics, as well as a code of conduct. One of the most important things that all dancers should remember is that everyone is there to have a good time. We must all share the dance floor and be kind and courteous to other dancers.

Dance Classes – Why Should I Enroll My Child?

There are plenty of reasons a child should take dance classes. One reason is health. Getting and keeping children healthy isn’t easy. There are just too many temptations out there.

Getting More Flexible and Basic Ballet Technique

Almost all ballet dancers want to get more flexible, and improve their ballet technique. Correct basic classical dance technique will help you increase flexibility, even if you never did ballet stretches. Truly, dancing ballet correctly releases tension, increases turnout, heightens leg extensions, and achieves elevation in allegro. Even without the perfect ballet body, your potential to dance is greater with a good ballet technique.

Jazz As a Dance Form

Jazz has a lot of theoretical birthplaces but it’s one true home is New Orleans. New Orleans became the first “melting pot” of America before that term was even coined. It was common for there to be influences in culture from French, Spanish, German, English, and former slaves and black free men and women. This was the perfect place for such a blended and mixed musical style to call home.

How to Improve Your Ballet Technique

No matter how good or bad your ballet dancing is, there are always ways to improve your ballet technique. To improve your overall ballet technique, you need to work on separate components of your ballet dancing like flexibility, balance, strength, musicality and technique.

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