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Hip Hop Teacher Training – Classical Music and Street Dance Choreography – Can They Work Together?

Have you ever contemplated creating a Street Dance choreography to classical music but not been sure whether it would work? If so, you’ll definitely want to read this article as I’ll share with you my expert opinion and my top tips for making it work.

Hip Hop Teacher Training – An Alter Ego When Dancing – A Useful Technique to Teach Your Students?

Have you heard of the technique of taking on an alter ego when you dance to improve your performance? Well if you have and are curious as to whether it’s a useful tool to recommend to your students, then you’ll want to read this article.

Professional Dancers for Hire – Perfect Entertainment for Big Events

Exciting dancers are a popular form of entertainment for corporate events and other important occasions. Learn how to find dancers for hire that will make any event spectacular.

Tip on Finding a Good Dance Class

There are many, many choices of dance out there, all of which fit certain people’s needs and wants. The style of dance you choose to study should be a personal choice, something that truly speaks to you, which is why it is a good idea to try a few different style to see what really strikes your fancy.

The Right Dancing Shoes

Finding a good pair of dancing shoes may seem like a challenge, but just know they are out there waiting for you. First and foremost you need to decide which dancing shoes are right for you. If you are a dancer of a certain modality then you should know which shoe is appropriate for the job. For instance you would not get Pointe shoes if you are a tap dancer or vice versa. Make sure you know what you’re looking for, and you have the best chance of finding it!

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